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Green Barbès is an all-natural cosmetics brand placing botany, wellbeing and the joy of making at the core of its affairs.

The White Agrum kit offers all necessary items for the making of two bioactive Body & Face creams. Each formula is made from powerful botanical ingredients which cosmetic properties are developed exclusively by Green Barbès. The kit includes reusable glass containers, pre-dosed ingredients, a discovery guide and a simple set of instructions.

Formulas are 97% natural, parabens free, dye free, synthetic preservative free, artificial fragrance free.



Kit Content

Orange eau vive enhanced with elderflower (2)

The eau vive is rich with fruits acids and oligoelements. Its calcium contributes to cellular rejuvenating and holds together the skin natural balance. 

It nourishes and brightens skin. 100% natural, it is fit for most sensitive skins. Used pure on the face or as cosmetic ingredient in the Green Barbès Face & Body cream formulas.

Origin: France & Bulgaria 

Shea butter activated with citrus (3b)

Powerful blend of shea butter and citrus vegetal actives, this butter-care is filled with E vitamin and phytosterols. 

All natural, nourishing, antioxidant, detoxifying and invigorating, it protects the epidermis from external aggressions. Efficient for all skin types, it’s used pure or as a cosmetics ingredient in the Green Barbès Body cream formula. 

Origin: Sub Sahara Africa & Italy

Herbal oil infused with Madagascar vanilla beans (3a)

This sunflower oil was selected for its numerous benefits. Rich with omega 3 and 6, it prevents dehydration and soothes the skin. Madagascar vanilla beans are filled with organic acids. 

100% natural, it can be used pure or as a cosmetics ingredient in the Green Barbès Face cream.

Origin: Madagascar and Europe

Green Barbès emulsifier (1a & 1b)

The emulsifier increases the smoothness and stabilizes the emulsion. It allows the assets to penetrate the skin and leave a smooth skin for a soft, oil-free touch. It was conceived to form a protective layer, enhance hydration and repair cells.

The Green Barbès emulsifier should be mixed with the eau vive as a cosmetics ingredient for the Green Barbès Face and Body cream formulas.

Green Barbès natural conservative (4)

The Green Barbès natural conservative is designed to eliminate a large spectrum of bacteria and preserve White Agrum Face & Body skincare up to 6 months after elaboration.

Signature Green Barbès fragrance (5)

Olfactory signature, the Green Barbès cosmetic fragrance proposes a delicate balance between dynamism and sweetness. Made from lemon, bitter orange, grapefruit, rosemary, lavender and vanilla beans natural extracts, it leaves a unique touch, both comforting and invigorating. 

The Green Barbès signature cosmetic fragrance is all natural. 

Origin: France, Italy, USA, Paraguay, Tunisia.


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